The ‘Best Practice Collection’

Through desktop research and stakeholder analysis, potential examples of good practice were identified within the fields of addiction-, health- and mental health care. They were sent a questionnaire with both specific (quantitative) and open (qualitative) questions, developed by Correlation. From the 111 responses received, 94 were left after pre-selection (the only criterion was actually encountering/working with ageing users in their clientele).

The best practice assessment itself involves several rounds of selection. For the first round, the examples were randomly divided across project partners to evaluate them using the assessment matrix developed by Correlation. Based on the evaluation scores, 27 examples were selected for round 2 in which every partner evaluated all examples. These results were presented at the second project meeting, at which point an additional three examples (late entries) were included for the third and final round of evaluation. For this round, a nomination model with five thematic questions were used, in which the evaluators could nominate the 5 examples they felt best fit the characteristic of the question.

This resulted in a set of ‘top’ listings, of which the top 22 examples were selected. For these examples, additional questions were sent in to supplement the information from the questionnaire. One example withdrew from participation and in two countries there were two services belonging to the same organization (CZ and IT), these were combined to be described as one example which brings the final number of examples discussed in this collection to 19.

Given their differences in (among others) examples’ offered services, organizational size and structure these examples are not ‘ranked’ in the collection and merely distinguished by whether they are ‘specific’ for ageing drug users, meaning they are exclusively for this target group or ‘non-specific’, services open to a wider age range though offer specialized/tailored services for ageing users.

Specific services

(i.e. exclusively for ageing drug users)

Non-Specific services

(i.e. open to broader population, offer specific or tailored services for ageing users)

Best Practice Collection

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